Whether your goal is short term to save a deposit or pay for a wedding or longer term for your child’s third level education or your retirement the key to success is proper planning.

Before you can make plans for your future, you need to know where you are today. It is important that you properly budget so that all your plans are set on a solid foundation.

Key Questions:

  • What is your Income and Expenditure today?
  • What are your Assets and Liabilities?
  • What are your Financial Goals?
  • What is your Time Horizon for achieving the goals?

Together we can understand your current situation by completing a comprehensive budget planning exercise. This will identify your surplus income and help to prioritise your goals going forward.

There are several options available to help you achieve your goals.

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Achieve your goals by saving on a regular basis from your monthly surplus:

  • Save on a regular basis
  • Have flexibility to amend the monthly amount should your circumstances change
  • Access your funds whenever you want without any penalties
  • Select an investment strategy to match your risk profile
  • Benefit from Dollar Cost Averaging to minimise volatility
  • Access Global Fund Managers at low costs

I can help you select the best product to match your investment time horizon to ensure that your goal is met.

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Achieve your goals by investing a lump sum of surplus cash into an investment vehicle that will help you:

  • Generate a real return on your money
  • In a tax efficient manner
  • Ability to access your funds should you need it
  • Access to professional fund managers
  • At a low cost to maximise your returns

Investment of a lump sum involves extensive research to ensure the product and investment strategy matches your needs and allows you to achieve your goals.

Get in touch and I can go through all the options available in the marketplace.

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